Brendan Cadigan Weinhold


Florasoul (short film)

Top Decking! (webseries)
Season 1

Season 2

What's Inside (sketch)

Sandals (sketch)

Jane (webseries)

Welcome to my Life (webseries)

ESPN Family Game Night (sketch)

The Honesty Trial (short film)

Descending Harmony

Descending Harmony from amanda lippert on Vimeo.

Beard sketches

Gerard and Esteban (sketch series)

March Madness (sketch)

Fame is Fleeting (short film)

The Producer (webisode)

We Make Movies (sketch series)
Jes and Lora (award-winning short film)

Timewatch (48hr sketch)

Forget You (short film)

Babysitter (classic Second City sketch, live)

I've Fallen/Clap off (dance)

Brendan's Animations (shorts series)

Every Good BORED Does Fine (short film)

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the World (travel series)

Made for the 2011 LA 48 Hour Film Fest:

An unrehearsed improv... that's redundant.:

Acted in Xavier Santiago's entry for Collaboration film challenge:
Project Hollywood (webseries)

Brendan tells jokes, walks on stilts, and juggles !with his wife!:

And Juggling REVEALED - 03 from Cheryl on Vimeo.

Here's Brendan's first self-tape ever

At the link below this, you can see Brendan's personal YouTube page, on which are the editions of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the USA and A Hitchhiker's Guide to Europe that he appears in, amongst other things:

...And Juggling on Youtube

And, in his earliest student film available on Youtube, Brendan stars in the title role:
And finally, something some punk kids shot in high school.