Brendan Cadigan Weinhold


Praise for Lights Out in the Hermit's Cave

"The actors play their roles to perfection..."
"...the performers each created vivid characters..."
"Brendan Weinhold...standouts in the cast"
"Pure joy and whimsical fun from start to finish!"

Brendan shines

Reviews of Macbeth!
"Brendan Cadigan Weinhold as the title character shines..."
"Brendan Weinhold was compelling to watch"
"Weinhold handles the turn well..."
"The cast is mesmerizing."
"Macbeth (Brendan Weinhold) pulls off the manic swing of his “affliction” in beautiful fashion."

Reviews of Up Down Stick Stuck:
"His performance is paced and crescendos with natural creativity."
"Poignant and hilarious..."
"I cried twice..."
"The actors were fantastic..."
"...captivating, comedic...completely engaged."

Reviews of Catherine:
'...scenes with Weinhold's charmingly tongue-tied Henry are highlights.'
'Weinhold an almost irresistibly sincere teddy bear of a Henry.'
'...attractive and energetic...superb.'
'Brendan both funny and endearing.'
' energy and mad delight.'
'Never saw anyone hang his head so charmingly'

Reviews of Four Tree Plays:
'Razor-sharp characterizations...'
'Brendan Weinhold shines as Kelly...'
'...incredibly touching.'
'...Weinhold scores as a seductive feline.'
'In the best of these pieces...'
'Fun & inventive...'

Reviews of Top Decking:
'His humor is wonderfully weird.'
' strong and well-balanced'
'quite an entertaining show'
'It's gonna be awesome.'

Questions from Fans of Top Decking, with Shaun Anthony!
DVD bonus for Top Decking Season One
PMPMM caught him just before Brendan celebrated his first year in L.A.
The Daily followed Brendan to learn about his work as a tour guide at UW
More comedy videos around the web:
Sandals at Daily Fiber Films
Johan for Welcome to My Life
Rejected Directors for Star Wars Episode VII as Peter Jackson for Webisodes Network

Ancient References to Brendan Weinhold's work in press:
Oliver! at YTN, stage managed by Brendan
All Powers Necessary and Convenient produced by Brendan
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Archived articles and reviews of Brendan

Links to Brendan Weinhold's online body of work:

Made for the 2011 LA 48 Hour Film Fest:

An unrehearsed improv... that's redundant.:

Acted in Xavier Santiago's entry for Collaboration film challenge:

Brendan tells jokes, walks on stilts, and irritates his wife:

And Juggling REVEALED - 03 from Cheryl on Vimeo.

Here's the screentest that won Brendan the lead in a discontinued project:

At the link below this, you can see Brendan's personal YouTube page, on which are the editions of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the USA and A Hitchhiker's Guide to Europe that he appears in, amongst other things:

...And Juggling on Youtube