Ray Burley Productions


Ray Burley Productions (RBP) made their first piece of theatre as a company in 2006. The company grew out of a need for more ensemble theater in Seattle, and gave themselves standards of ethics and quality that remain a part of their mission. It's in Los Angeles now, responding to that same discovered need.

RBP went on hiatus for a few years when its founders started making new life journeys: some got married, one went back to school, another had a baby, a bunch went travelling. It's back, and now it's bringing together great artists from all across Los Angeles for thoughtful, intimate events.

Part of RBP's mission includes making theatre accessible to everyone. Because we believe finances should not be a hindrance to audiences, all our shows are Pay-What-You-Can, with suggested donations on a sliding scale, depending on income.

Our intimate shows are experiences our audiences will take with them into their everyday lives and maybe, hopefully, help them see the world with new eyes.

Up Down Stick Stuck - June 2016
Three strangers stuck in an elevator try to unstick their lives as the facades they've built up crumble down.
An original, ensemble-generated work starring Brendan Weinhold, Kerry Nash, and Dawn Alden, directed by Patrick Albanesius, and co-written with Stina Pederson.
*Award Winner

Gift of the Magi - December 2015
A humorous wink to the tale, adapted from our 2014 version.
Starring Charlsey Miller, Brendan Weinhold, Bri Giger, Lucas James, Samuel Daniels, and Melanie Keller
Directed by Mirage Thrams
Adapted for the stage by Stina Pederson

Catherine - June 2015
A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.
"delightfully brisk...superb." "Outstanding writing, brilliant acting, and magnificent staging..." "...a cute, clever riff on Austen's work." "...crisp direction...The cast...is strong."

Gift of the Magi - December 2014
This intimate staged reading of a holiday classic brings O. Henry's holiday classic to life with a chuckle and a tear.
Starring Brendan Weinhold, Krista E. Amigone, and Stina Pederson as the Stage Manager
Directed by Anne Mesa
Adapted for the stage by Stina Pederson

Four Tree Plays - June 2014 (to schedule a special showing, contact RayBurleyProd@gmail.com)
Every tree has a story. We have four.
Four shorts about trees.
Seeking Still: Online dating is hard for everyone, but especially trees.
Tree Counsel: A tree can be a sign from God or just a tree.
Sophistree: A tree wants to die. The man who protects it must choose.
Does it Make a Sound? In the forest, choose your partner wisely.

Trees stand stoically: changing the world, keeping it alive. We forget about trees sometimes, living in the middle of Los Angeles, until we notice the palms swaying elegantly or the deciduous leaves rustling, or we're on a hike through the needle-laden evergreens of Griffith Park. They live long lives, witness to events that no living person witnessed. They're a connection to the past and they preserve our future, but there are fewer of them each year. There's some funny in our shorts, but there's also that thread of philosophical musing that drives through each of them. What if we keep going the way we've been? What would happen if there were no more trees? Maybe these stories would get made up about them.

We produced four world premieres from five playwrights at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival. For many of the writers, this was their Los Angeles theater premiere.
Four Tree Plays supports the Female Playwrights Initiative. Visit LA FPI online for more information.

These four plays tell stories that will transport audiences to the fantastical, guide them to questions on the nature of being, and make them laugh, make them cry.

Laurels include Encore Award and nomination for Best World Premiere.