Ray Burley Productions is producing Four Tree Plays


Ray Burley Productions started in Seattle with one group of people and moved to Los Angeles with a few of those people, and absorbed some new people. The artists in the many projects that RBP has produced have influenced its philosophies over the years. Some of those include:

Everyone who works on a project owns the projects. Actors, writers, directors, stage managers, stage hands, designers, administrative staff... everyone shares equally in ownership over the project. To this end, any proceeds from a show is split equally between the artists working on it.

Collaboration is cool. Theatre is art. Let's have fun.

Every audience member is created equally. Some people have more money than others. We would like the people with less to be equally able to see our shows. To that end, ticket prices are on a sliding scale following a complex algorithm that boils down to pay-what-you-can (with the suggestion that you donate 1/5000th of your yearly household income after subtracting your standard deduction).